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Selena Gomez Is Beautiful!
May 7, 2009, 3:52 pm
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KevinandSelenaGomez-1.jpg Selena Gomez and Kevin Jonas image by kidnationfreak101

Selena Gomez dished to TWIST about a secret song she’s working on for her debut album: ‘It’s called beautifully disturbed. It’s definitely a song that’s close.. me because it’s a nickname I was given and it’s very sweet. It means that sometimes I can be negative like every person can be, but you’ve got to find
the beauty in that.’

Sel also dished on kissing disasters: ‘I’ve had plenty! You know, when we’re in the car a song will come on the radio and we’ll be having a nice moment and then we’ll bump noses or something!

I remember one time I wore boots and my crush and I were leaning in to
kiss and it was all romantic and then I slipped on my boots! It wasn’t fun.’


Miley Cyrus ‘I Don’t Want To Be An Idol’
April 1, 2009, 8:52 pm
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29290PCN_mileyMiley Cyrus does not want to be an ‘idol’. During Hannah Montana: The Movie press conference, she dished: ‘If you look at me as a role model I agree with it, but if you look at me as an idol, I don’t. An idol for me is someone you want to replicate, you want to be them and I don’t wish that on anyone to lose what
they have personally.

What I think people like about me is that I don’t try to change, I haven’t
let what I do for a living become my life and completely affect me. What I do in my personal life isn’t necessarily meant to be reported but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be.

I am going to make mistakes and I wouldn’t trade that for anything because I
always say the minute you stop making mistakes, the minute you stop learning.

I never want to disappoint people and my decisions sometimes not only disappoint other people, but disappoint myself as well. If I don’t then, all of a sudden I am not real and then you really can’t look up to me.

People are always saying I’m over-working and overexposed and that’s what I want is all the attention but that’s not what I want at all. I can’t help it if there are 40 photographers outside my house, I try to keep my life as private as I can. If I had known coming into this that I would have all those photographers outside my house I might have given it all a second thought.’

Costar Jason Earles, 31, added: ‘It is unfair to expect a 16-year-old to raise your kids. While she does occasionally make mistakes, that’s a good opportunity for parents to educate their kids on the different decisions they can make.

There is things that are very inspirational about her, but anyone who thinks she, 100 percent of the time, should be can be the shining example, you are only misleading yourselves.’